Does Higher GDP Growth Mean Less Crime Against Property?

Why are crimes committed? And what are rising crimes linked to? Inequality, disparity, need, a feeling of lawlessness or desperation that arises from a combination of some of the above?   There are many well documented sociological answers to this question but fewer economic ones. The answer actually appears to be that there is very … Continued

Kerala Has Cleanest Anganwadi Toilets Among Indian States

  Kerala has the cleanest toilets  among the Indian states according to the government on cleanliness of toilets of the Anganwadi centres (AWC). The data  shows that the maximum number of “Very clean toilets’ were observed in Kerala (59%) followed by Himachal Pradesh (45%). The least number of ‘very clean toilets’ were seen in Punjab and Bihar. … Continued

Countries Where Homosexuality is Criminalised

On 28th January 2014, the SC finally settled the Naz Foundation case by dismissing review petitions seeking to reverse the judgment pronounced by Justices GS Singhvi & SJ Mukhopadhaya on December 11th last year.   This latest judgment will mean that the matter is now out of the judicial purview and the activists will have … Continued

Deadly Year, Decade For Flying, But Safer Than Before

  With Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 officially declared lost, 2014 has been a terrible year for commercial aviation with 1,183 deaths and high-profile crashes, but flying is generally safer than it’s ever been.   Deaths in commercial airline crashes between 2005 and 2014 were less than half the number of the decade before that.   … Continued

India Received FDI of Over $306 bn Since 2000: Govt

Foreign Direct Investment into India grew by 17% to $ 28 billion in spite of unexpected capital outflows in the middle of the year, said UNCTAD, in their latest report titled “Global FDI reaches pre-crisis levels in 2013, outlook optimistic for 2014-2015.” India is ranked 16th among the top 20 global economies in the world. … Continued

Has Gold Smuggling Really Increased In India?

Addressing tax officials on the Customs Day on 28th Jan, Finance Minister P Chidambaram said that there has been an increase in the smuggling of gold to the tune of about 1-3 tonnes every month ever since the restrictions were imposed on the yellow metal last year. IndiaSpend did a quick check to see the amount … Continued

Fact Check: Why Does Rahul Gandhi Want To Dump MPLADS?

  Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi recently made a statement that he would like to see the end of MPLADS or Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme.   Gandhi said: “I want to tell you a reality. If you ask MPs, at least 50%  will tell you that put an end to this MPLAD … Continued

RBI Hikes Rate, Continues Inflation Battle

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) today hiked the repo rate – the interest rate banks pay when they borrow funds from the central bank – by 0.25% in its battle to control inflation.   The repo rate now stands at 8% per annum. The reverse repo rate, the rate RBI pays to commercial banks … Continued

India 3rd Among Countries With Hostilities Involving Religion

India has come down a notch to 3rd on list of countries with high social hostilities involving religion in the world in 2012, just after Pakistan and Afghanistan, according to a recent report published by Pew Research. The report which looks at “Religious Hostilities Reach Six Year High” says that countries with a high or … Continued