Delivering On Service Guarantee: A Case Of Delhi’s eSLA.

15 Indian states have enacted Public Service Guarantee Act, also known as Right to Service Act (RTS) legislation, with Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab and Delhi leading the way. In terms of implementing the Right to Service Act, one thing that makes Delhi different from other states is its robust online monitoring system, called the Electronic-Service Level … Continued

The Kelkar Doctrine: Economic Development As Foreign Policy

Vijay Kelkar, chairman of the 13th Finance Commission, recently said that a 10% GDP growth rate was the best foreign policy for India. This erudite observation by the former finance secretary merits greater public debate. One might call it the Kelkar Doctrine…….Read More

Big Bang FDI Reforms Likely To Spur Investments In 2013

The government, which was severely criticised by industry for policy paralysis this year, opted for big-bang reforms and allowed politically-risky 51 per cent FDI in multi-brand retail and 49 per cent investment by foreign airlines in the aviation sector. The slew of reforms included raising FDI cap in broadcasting from 49 per cent to 74 … Continued

Taking India Forward In 2013

Whether, we agree with everything that the government has done well or not, we look forward to a resolute and smart government to take the growth agenda forward in 2013 as well……..Read More

No Time To Invest For India’s Petroleum Ministry

How are your taxes being spent? There are many indicators but one we track a little more closely is the Government’s Economic Review.   The recently released Mid-Year Review shows that the Government has been more liberal with expenditure that’s not been specifically accounted for while it’s been going slow on expenditure that has been … Continued

National Water Resources Council Adopts National Water Policy

Harish Rawat, Minister of Water Resources said that the draft National Water Policy (2012) was the result of wide consultations held with all the stakeholders including consultations with Members of Parliament, academia, NGOs, corporate sector and Panchayati Raj Institutions. Enumerating the challenges in the water sector, he called for an integrated approach of governance based … Continued

Why India Is Fighting A Losing Battle Against Urbanisation

  Highlights * Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra lead JNNURM implementation league table *  Funds utilised by state governments/urban bodies for payment of bills and salary to municipal employees * Land diverted and used for other purposes including paying dues of municipal corporations   The Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM), a Government programme aimed at … Continued

India’s Growth Trap

To an extent, the fortunes of the Indian economy mirror that of Indian cricket. Both were on an improving trajectory from 2004. However, the improvement was more superficial than real. Instead of capitalising on the improving image and strengthening the foundations, the administrators of the game (and, to some extent, the players too) were more … Continued

No Intention To Encroach States’ Rights On Water: PM

The Prime Minister said integrated water resources planning at the basin level, conservation of water, preservation of river corridors, recharging of the aquifers and their sustainable management and improvement of water use efficiency are among the broad areas that need “our urgent attention.”……….Read More