Health Insurance For Poor: Fact or Myth?

The Indian government has promised health insurance for all families below the poverty line, and has allotted over Rs 2,800 crore for the programme till now.   IndiaSpend’s Bhumish Khudkhudia finds out more about Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana, which has been selected by International Labor Organization and United Nations Development Program as one of the … Continued

Poor In India Starve as Politicians steal $14.5 billion of Food

As much as $14.5 billion in food was looted by corrupt politicians and their criminal syndicates over the past decade in the state of Uttar Pradesh alone, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The theft blunted the country’s only weapon against widespread starvation — a five-decade-old public distribution system that has failed to deliver record harvests to the plates … Continued

Can India’s Urban Poor Ever Hope For A Better Future?

Cities like Mumbai are widely known to have failed in controlling the rapid growth of slums, often to a scale – like Dharavi – where they acquire near cult status. Unfortunately, despite all the fame and infamy, the solutions to the dark side of urbanisation have been few and far in between.     IndiaSpend’s … Continued

How China Beats India In Agriculture Productivity

Could India’s track record in agricultural output have been better than what it is currently? As IndiaSpend has written in recent weeks, deficient monsoons usually turn the spotlight on these questions.   Dhritiman Gupta & Sourjya Bhowmick dive back into agriculture productivity figures in isolation and this time in comparison with China to come up … Continued