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Rs 33 Crore For Not So Due Credit

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In 2005, Bharat Nirman set a target that “125,000 uncovered villages would be covered by 2009 as well as connections would be given to 23 million rural households” for the RGVVY, a flagship programme of the Ministry of Power which was brought under Bharat Nirman.We decided to compare the target fulfilled by RGGVY since its inception, at April, 2005 till the 31st of January, 2010 with the specific goals of the Bharat Nirman. Bharat Nirman had specified that 1, 25,000 village and 2.3 crore rural households needs to be covered by 2009. The cumulative achievement  of RGGVY stands at  electrification  of  71,793  un-electrified villages( break up in the following table),  intensive  electrification  of  1,02,759  already electrified villages and release of connections to 91,15,691 BPL households.




Now if we add 71,793(villages electrified) with 1, 02,759 (intensive electrification of already electrified villages) it comes to 1, 74, 552, which is more than the stipulated target specified by Bharat Nirman. Now if we deduct 51,037 villages, which were already given a go ahead before the diktats of Bharat Nirman from 1, 74,552, then it comes to 1, 23,515. Interestingly, the target seems achieved (almost).

Surprisingly, a major chunk of ‘village electrification’ comes from more than 1 Lakh villages which are ‘already electrified’. Ministry of Power says these villages were intensively electrified. However, the Bharat Nirman goal was to “electrify 1, 25,000 uncovered villages”! We are not sure whether ‘already electrified villages’ fall under ‘uncovered villages’. At the same time we can be sure that intensive electrification cannot mean that, these villages were electrified , but had no electricity connection for at least 10% of its rural households or, for that matter, the Panchayat Offices , Health Centres, Schools had no electricity and thus, intensively electrified.

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