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JNNURM Spin-Offs: Will The Punes & Nagpurs Be India’s Urban Darlings?

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The Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) is a comprehensive effort by India’s central Government to improve urban infrastructure in creaking cities and towns.


IndiaSpend’s Prachi Salve follows up on a more broad-based report on the JNNURM initiative with a study of Maharashtra in particular. To find that cities like Pune and Nagpur which seem to have jumped on the JNNURM bandwagon the quickest – at least in securing funding for projects. Execution is a different story though.


As things stand, Maharashtra has completed 17 of the 80 projects. Pune has the second highest number of approved projects in India. The state government has used nearly Rs 9,751 crore of total funds. The following table represents the city-wise and sector-wise breakup of the completed projects. The highest numbers of projects have been allotted to Nagpur and the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC).


Here’s a look at the number of projects and the ones completed in the state of Maharashtra. (Click here for the entire report)

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