The Whys and Whats of India’s Rural Jobs Scheme

  The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) was enacted in September 2005. It promises up to 100 days of employment per rural household to all adults at the minimum wage. Any adult residing in rural areas could demand work and was entitled to get it within 15 days of asking. If the government failed … Continued

Why 150 Million Rural Indians Could Be Affected By Job Losses

  India’s new government has apparently decided to restructure the United Progressive Alliance’s flagship anti-poverty programme, the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA). The scheme confers the right to every rural household to be employed in public works for 100 days per year.   There are three reasons why the government wants to … Continued

Maids, Labourers, Guards: India’s Main Job Hopes

  During his triumphal speech to the Indian diaspora at Madison Square Garden in New York last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke of the talent of Indian youth, exemplified by the success of the Mars Orbiter Mission.   India, Modi said, could emerge as a global supplier of skilled workers, such as nurses and teachers.   … Continued

Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Can Generate Jobs: SS’ Chandrakant Khaire

Chandrakant Khaire, Shiv Sena candidate from Aurangabad, Maharashtra, says the first public-private partnership (PPP) project for drinking water was implemented in the area because of his efforts. Khaire feels about 20,000-25,000 youth will get employment within a year after the implementation of the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor.   This initiative is part of Mera Neta, India’s … Continued

SMEs Can Address Employment Issue: TMC’s Dipak Bora

Dipak Bora, Trinamool Congress candidate from Naogaon, Assam, feels small and medium scale industries can address the issue of unemployment in the state. Bora adds that he will work towards stepping up efforts to boost hydel power generation in the area.   This initiative is part of Mera Neta, India’s largest candidate outreach programme, which … Continued

New Policies To Impact Employment Scene: Congress’ Kirip Chaliha

Kirip Chaliha, Congress candidate from Mangaldoi, Assam, feels unemployment is a key concern and can be addressed only by the new Government that is formed after the elections. He also feels that state Governments, too, play an important role in job creation.   This initiative is part of Mera Neta, India’s largest candidate outreach programme, … Continued

Better Jobs & Education Primary Aim: AAP’s Rengarajan

V Rengarajan, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) candidate from Puducherry, says the primary aim of the party would be to ensure more jobs and better education facilities. Rengarajan adds that better administration and collection of arrears in the power sector will address the issues of the sector.   This initiative is part of Mera Neta, India’s … Continued