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28 Times Rs 100 Crore Or 5 Times Rs 500 Crore: Budget 2014

Saumya Tewari, Chaitanya Mallapur,
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Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s Budget speech reveals an interesting proclivity to the Rs 100 crore figure. With the speech mentioning the amount 28 times.


Is it just a comfortable number that has been put randomly?While Rs 100 crore is an initial amount for some schemes, most of them are assorted, covering miscellaneous expenditure.


It is quite clear that Mr Jaitley could have made three or four announcements of approximately Rs 500 crore each and they would have covered most of the Rs 100 crore announcements.


And perhaps saved some speech time too!


So the real figures are as follows: Agriculture: Rs 600 crore; Education , Youth & Sports: Rs 700 crore; Tourism: Rs 400 crore; Social Sector: Rs 300 crore; Energy: Rs 200 crore; Miscellaneous: Rs 500 crore.



1 Indian Agricultural Research Institute (two more such institutions of excellence in Assam and Jharkhand)
2 Agri-Tech Infrastructure Fund 
3 Scheme to provide to every farmer a soil health card in a Mission mode
4 “National Adaptation Fund” for climate change.
5 Kisan TV (dedicated to the interests of the agriculture and allied sector will be launched in the current financial year) 
6 Organic farming in the NE states




1 Start Up Village Entrepreneurship Programme (for encouraging rural youth to take up local entrepreneurship programs) 
2 Communication Linked Interface for Cultivating Knowledge, CLICK (for setting up virtual classrooms and online courses) 
3 Modernization of Madarsas (Department of School Education)
4 Sports university in Manipur
5 Training of sports women and men for the forthcoming Asian and Commonwealth games
6 Employment exchanges will be transformed into career centres and in addition for providing information about job availability 
7 Young Leaders Programme (In order to promote leadership skills)




1 National Mission on Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spiritual Augmentation Drive (PRASAD) (shall be launched in this financial year) 
2 Archeological sites preservation
3 To link the rivers which can give rich dividends to the country
4 Ghat development and beautification of river front at Kedarnath, Haridwar, Kanpur, Varanasi, Allahabad, Patna and Delhi in the current financial year



Social Sector


1 Van Bandhu Kalyan Yojana 
2 Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Yojana 
3 To encourage the growth of a Community Radio Stations




1 Ultra Modern Super Critical Coal Based Thermal Power Technology(To promote cleaner and more efficient thermal power) 
2 For the development of 1 MW Solar Parks on the banks of canals




1 Metro Projects in Lucknow and Ahmedabad
2 A War Memorial will be constructed in the Princes Park, India Gate. It will be supplemented by a War Museum
3 Academic and scientific institutions to support research and development of Defence systems that enhance cutting-edge technology capability in the country (to set up a Technology Development Fund to support this objective) 
4 A National Industrial Corridor Authority (headquarters in Pune, is being set up to coordinate the development of the industrial corridors, with smart cities linked to transport connectivity, which will be the cornerstone of the strategy to drive India’s growth in manufacturing and urbanization) 
5 National Centre for Himalayan Studies in Uttarakhand 


Agriculture, education,youth, sports and tourism get the highest shares here.


Allocating Rs100 crore seem to be a handy term for the Government but are these projects fiscally feasible is the question to be asked. To analyse, we can compare the metro projects for the two cities – Lucknow and Ahmedabad- which means Rs 50 crore for each city whereas the Jaipur Metro, in its first phase, had an estimated cost of Rs 1,250 crore. On the other hand, Rs 100 crore may be sufficient for the KisanTV project. The larger issue, of course, is to what extent a budget speech should be detailing expenditure.

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