How India’s Poorest Take Loans But Donate Liberally

  Highlights * About 2.3% of outflows of the country’s poor people went towards donations & gifts * Water & electricity constitute 1.4% of total outflow, while education constitutes 2.3% * Loans constituted 34%, average debt stood at Rs 5,322 a month & 9 out of 10 households took loans from friends/neighbours/relatives instead of commercial … Continued

Can A Drought Kill Your Political Chances?

    Highlights: * Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka, both drought affected states voted against the respective ruling parties in elections following droughts * Drought does not seem to be affecting the ruling parties in states like Orissa and Maharashtra *  States like Gujarat and Rajasthan show partial correlation as they have voted against the ruling … Continued

Why Bihar’s Miracle Story Might Be Short-Circuited

  Highlights * Bihar grew at an average annual rate of 10.7% over the last seven years * But only 16% of 18.94 million households in Bihar have access to electricity * Some 82% of households still depend on kerosene as key fuel source for lighting   India’s third most populous state of Bihar grew … Continued

Bihar & Punjab Could Be India’s New Dark States

  Highlights  * Tamil Nadu unable to meet 31% peak demand for power during summer * Tamil Nadu to add nearly 6,000 MW capacity to solve crisis * States like Bihar & Punjab could be next to face power deficits   Power cuts are a part of life in most parts of India. And yet … Continued ...

Maharashtra Gears Up For Drought And Elections

The Budget for 2013-14 would be the last for the Congress-NCP alliance in Maharashtra before the elections next year.  And in a year when the state is facing an acute drought and water shortage across major districts, Budget 2013-14 has made special provisions for drought relief with an allocation of Rs 2,086 crore. The National … Continued

UP, Delhi & Rajasthan; Most Unsafe States For Indian Women

  Highlights * UP, Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh account for 84% of total complaints with National Commission For Women. * Gujarat had 0.7% of total complaints registered with NCW. * Complaints against police apathy/harassment increasing over the years.   The recent gang rape case in Delhi has once again highlighted the issue of … Continued