Another Higher Education Riddle

The Delhi High Court, in September, fined the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Shillong  Rs 1 lakh for leaving 22 seats vacant in its Post Graduate programme in the current academic year till 2013. Reports say the High Court reprimanded the educational institute for not filling up all 120 seats available and thus “wasting public … Continued

Social Outcastes?

There was much outcry recently when industrialists Ratan N. Tata and Anand Mahindra made substantial donations to American universities Cornell and Harvard. The $50 million Tata gift to Harvard Business School is the largest donation in its 102-year history, according to Harvard. The Mahindra contribution is also the largest gift for the study of humanities in … Continued

The Staggering Education Gap

India spends about $90 billion annually on education. Approximately 35% of this or $31 billion is the Government’s share. The private sector spends around $50 billion. Tracing the lines in Government education spending can be extremely arduous as we are discovering. And the gaps get bigger as we start looking state-wise. The heartening bit in … Continued

Funding A Madrassa Innovation

While there is a fundamental capacity challenge in delivering education, the challenge of well-rounded education is also an important one, particularly for young, impressionable minds. India’s National Policy on Education, for instance, talks about the need to uplift educationally backward minorities, notably the minorities who attend Maktabs/Madrassas/Darul-Ulooms.   A few years ago, the Government had … Continued