Why 581 Million Indians Endure India’s Worst Healthcare

  Nine of India’s poorest states–home to 581 million or 48% of India’s population–account for 70% of the country’s infant deaths, 75% of under-five deaths and 62% of maternal deaths, but do not spend even the money they have set aside for healthcare, according to an IndiaSpend analysis of 2017 Reserve Bank of India data … Continued

India To Become 2-4◦ C Warmer, But Heat Deaths Are Preventable

Through hoardings, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation is spreading awareness about heatstroke preventative measures, such as staying indoors, covering the head with a cap or wet cloth and taking rest during the hottest hours of the day and after exertion. This hoarding informs people about the usefulness of painting a roof white, it can reduce the … Continued