370% Increase In Voters Since First Elections

Indian voters have surely come a long way, and this is visible in the sharp increase in the number of registered voters. From 173 million registered voters in the first general election in 1951-52, the number this time has shot up to 814 million voters, which is more than the electorates of the United States … Continued

India Ranks 102 Out Of 132 Nations On Social Development Index

  “A society which fails to address basic human needs, equip citizens to improve their quality of life, erodes the environment, and limits opportunity for its citizens is not succeeding. Economic growth without social progress results in lack of inclusion, discontent, and social unrest”.   A recent report by the Social Progress Index (SPI) rates … Continued

Plotting Asia’s Worst Air Accidents

As the world continues to search for the missing Malaysian airplane MH-370, IndiaSpend decided to do a analysis of the worst airplane accidents in Asia, as per data compiled by Aviation Safety Network.     The red buttons on the map show the location of the air accidents and are clickable. The data has been … Continued

India Ranks 5th On The Global Rich List with 70 Billionaires

China-based research firm Hurun, in its recently released report Hurun Global Rich List 2014, has reported that India is home to the 5th largest group of billionaires with 70 in 2014, 17 more than last year. The richest Indian continues to be Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries, with a fortune of $18 billion, said … Continued