About IndiaSpend


IndiaSpend is the country’s first data journalism initiative. We utilise open data to analyse a range of issues with the broader objective of fostering better governance, transparency and accountability in the Indian government. Founded in late 2011 by Govindraj Ethiraj, a television and print journalist and former Founder Editor-in-Chief of Bloomberg TV India, IndiaSpend is rapidly growing to become an `agency of record’ when it comes to data and facts on the Indian economy, particularly in areas like education and healthcare as well as data on the states of India.


Given the general nature of hard data, not just in India but worldwide, we feel there is a need and an opportunity to focus on critical data that can help the country at large take objective views on important policy issues and foster data-led discussion and analysis. We do believe this will become more important in coming years as citizens become a more active part of the governance process.  A twin objective is also to make the use of data exciting and a first recourse for young India, rather than opinion, by utilising various social media sources to reach this population.


IndiaSpend is a non-profit and a project of The Spending & Policy Research Foundation located in Lower Parel in Mumbai, and registered as a Charitable Trust with the Charity Commissioner, Mumbai.


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  • Fabulous job by your team. Finally some resource that exposes current issues with good analytics of data. Been thinking to apply my skills in improving solutions to fix addressable social problems by technology (of course along with manual sources) but was lacking clarity on the list of current social issues. Your website clears that cloud now and works as a navigator for me. I can get on with connecting the dots now.

  • Facts and data are unbiased and to the point. Stunned that this kind of useful website is in India. Hats off to your team.

  • Very useful for my Civil services preparation.. Good .. To the point.. Keep up the good work..and analysis..

  • Why are you fanning the Jat issue? There is absolutely no merit in their demand. All those unfriendly people look like they have a degree but undeveloped minds--definitely not a problem of the system. There is no mention of the unemployment rate, or even the industries that they aspire for. If you spend more money on researching the actual roots of the problem rather than on Facebook promotions, there may be more valuable insights from a policy perspective.

  • We have been looking for a credible organization like yours for information and data, we would like to get regular inputs from you. Thanks